easyJet agree to retrofit A320 series

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EasyJet has announced today that, due to heavy investment in the latest technology aircraft that continue to meet or exceed current and anticipated noise legislation, over the next few years they will take delivery of over 150 new aircraft, 100 of which will be new generation A320neo aircraft.  The majority of these aircraft will replace their existing fleet.  All these aircraft will be fitted with vortex generators during their production to further reduce their noise impact‎.  The overall noise levels of the A320neos will be lower than today’s aircraft and up to 15 dB below the ICAO Chapter 4 noise standards. All aircraft delivered to easyJet since June 2014 are modified. As a result easyJet already has 22 aircraft in their fleet which have vortex generators fitted and they are taking delivery of a further eight by the end of 2015.  EasyJet has already committed to operate these aircraft out of Gatwick, where they currently base 58 aircraft.

Campaigners around Gatwick have worked tirelessly to push easyJet to fit this vortex generator to their existing fleet.  EasyJet say that they have listened to the concerns of those who live around Gatwick and have been reviewing how they can accelerate their programme so that all easyJet aircraft are fitted with vortex generators more quickly.

Easyjet has today confirmed that they will retrofit all other easyJet aircraft with vortex generators, to be completed by Spring 2018. This work will be integrated into their on-going engineering programme which primarily takes place each winter. It will be in addition to the new aircraft that are delivered over this period. Easyjet say that they will also continue to allocate these quieter aircraft to Gatwick. This is to address the concerns of local residents.  They hope to reassure residents that easyJet is committed to reduce the impact of aircraft on local residents near Gatwick. Easyjet say that they take their environmental obligations very seriously and they are committed to reduce the impact of their aircraft on local communities.