Gatwick promises 2016 nightmare summer for communities

London AirspaceNATS

London Airspace

NATS announce that this year looks likely to be the busiest on record in the south east of England.
NATS say “Gatwick is hoping for its busiest ever summer in 2016, with a schedule that includes around 80 days of more than 900 daily movements – quite a challenge when you consider it only first broke the 900 barrier in 2013.”  Also “Overall we expect to handle around 1.14 million flights in and out of the five major London airports in 2016, that’s a rise of 40,000 on last year. It’s a trend that’s expected to continue for years to come.”  This is very worrying for communities around Gatwick Airport, and pressure must be maintained on the DfT, CAA, NATS and GAL to improve conditions for those living under the flight path.
HWCAAG’s policy is to seek the introduction of multiple respite routes for arrivals into Gatwick Airport, to ensure that aircraft are flown at the highest safest level, and to push for the cessation of all night flights at Gatwick Airport.